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How do I design and make beautiful wax models.

Learn to blend the precision of engineering with the art of sculpture.



Waxmasters is a private School located in Aspen Colorado.

Introducing an Educational program in Advanced Wax Modelmaking developed and taught by Yanula Blacy.

Students will fine tune skills needed to create precise wax models using an assortment of small machines, jigs and hand tools designed by Yanula for the Waxmasters process.

Increase your accuracy and speed by up to 50% using this 19 step process which, "Blends the Precision of Engineering with the Art of Sculpture."

Waxmasters services include:

Instructional manual, tool and supply kit $295.00

Foredom Drill Press "DP95" $295.00

Group Classes per day, per student $350.00

Private Classes per day $750.00

Freelance design and Wax Modelmaking per day
$800.00 to $1000.00

Consulting per day $1000.00

These prices have been updated and are effective as of 12/12/2005.

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